Really wish I could read my notifications. If you've said something to me and I haven't responded....that's why.
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Comments (5)

  1. rebecca2013

    it just plain sucks Chica…. dang!!

    August 21, 2016
  2. smitty45

    Getting to comments is a royal pain. I have 6, yet nothing I do can open them.

    August 21, 2016
  3. wirelessguru1

    Just put www. in front of the broken link.

    August 21, 2016
    1. smitty45

      doesn’t always work.. It works to get back to the home page, but that’s all it does.. For me anyways.

      August 22, 2016
      1. wirelessguru1

        Well, it works for Me most of the time…

        August 22, 2016